Fraud warning

Impersonation and fraudulent acts disclaimer

Axelsson Cloud Consulting Europe GmbH and Axelsson Cloud Consulting AB, hereinafter referred to as “Axelsson Cloud Consulting”, wishes to draw the attention of our customers and members of the general public to the prevalence of fraudulent activity being perpetuated by fraudsters who may aim to deceive and defraud our customers and the general public. It has come to our attention that the name of Axelsson Cloud Consulting including its logo and business address, or resembling or derivative versions of them part or in full, are being used in attempts to defraud the public through false correspondence and other scams. This type of fraud may be via email, physical letters, text messages, facsimile or by using a website purporting to be that of Axelsson Cloud Consulting, or of a similar style/name, or to be affiliated with us, and that the receivers may be supplied with false, unscrupulous and misleading information by the perpetrators/competitors/scammers about our business, business deals or our non-existent products, false products and product lines.

Axelsson Cloud Consulting cautions the public against providing personal information, sending money or disclosing bank details to any person claiming to represent, be affiliated with or have a relationship with Axelsson Cloud Consulting.

In case of any doubt on the legitimacy of an outreach, our customers are strongly advised to seek information/clarifications by contacting us directly by phone on +49 (0) 30 2092 4055 (Germany / DACH), +46 (0) 31 40 40 70 (Sweden / Nordics), or online through

Members of the public are hereby advised not to send/receive money to/from such scammers, as Axelsson Cloud Consulting will have no liability for any and all losses/damages suffered by anyone who falls victim to such scams/letters from fraudsters. Axelsson Cloud Consulting hereby disclaims all such correspondence and messages and warns its customers and the general public to disregard such and to exercise extreme caution at all times.

It is our constant endeavour to provide the best and unparalleled support and services to our customers.