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Our Vision

Humans, devices, and machines generate a quintillion bytes of data every day. The volume of data and the velocity of its accumulation will only increase in the future. We believe that the future is data-driven. Data has immense potential for enabling digital innovation, new business models, and long-term sustainability. With our expertise in increasing efficiency and maximizing data-value creation, we want to help your business to create a sustainable and data-driven future together.

What We Believe In

Data-driven digital services can help businsses and organizations to tap into the value of the data economy. Managed cloud storage services enables greater efficiency and scalability of operations as data generation grows.


Through our ingenuity and our technical expertise and ability in using cloud-native technologies right, we know how to use the available tools and the power of the cloud to accelerate our digitalization processes, enabling new and additional value creation and competitive edge for our clients.

Who We Are

We help clients build better business and a better, more sustainable world while doing it, and we do this through the right use of digital technologies. We understand that for businesses to reach their business objectives, hard deliveries are needed and projects that stalls in experimentation phases for a long time do not generate business value. Therefore, we adopt modern project methodologies, most often agile methodologies such as Scrum, combined with our technical, theoretical and professional experience, as well as quantifiable goals and metrics, to measure performance and ensure the desired business outcome. We use our soft and communication skills to ask the right questions and thus identify and understand the underlying challenges in our client organisations to help them succeed to the farthest extent possible, maximize the value of our delivery, as well as ensure our own success in our engagements. We help our clients with change management whenever applicable, as well as in discover potential for new digital business model and value extraction. We believe that better, more profitable business and environmental and social sustainability are not contradictions, but rather that they enhance each other. We believe that when digital technologies and the power of cloud-native services and products are harnessed the right way, the gained efficiencies can help deliver more and new business value, and a more sustainable and better world while doing it, and we believe that digitalization and digital technologies are foundational for its realization.

How We Do It

We are the real cloud native experts. We do not stray away from a challenge, instead, we embrace and use our expertise and skill to deliver successful results even in the most advanced scenarios and use cases. We do not leave the right path just because it may be narrow. We do not give up just because something’s hard. We persevere to achieve the business result. We do not reinvent the wheel if it’s not needed, but rather customize readily available services and solutions whenever possible to fulfill the business needs. We strive for quality and excellence in everything we do. We are confident in our delivery. We transparently document our solutions in central locations internally and for our clients. We do not defend old or inefficient ways of working. Instead, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve and sharing with our clients how to reap the benefits and business value of new technologies today.

Kristoffer Axelsson

CEO & Principal Cloud Solution Architect

Digitalization is driving vast amount of data to be ingested in digital systems across the globe at an accelerating pace, and the portion of data residing in enterprises is set to grow even more rapidly over the next couple of years. I think we are just at the beginning of what can be done in cloud native- and edge computing & machine learning and data-driven business models and decisions that digitalization enables. Cloud native computing services are unmatched in their ability to scale, making them a perfect fit for ingestion, processing and computing of vast amounts of data and provides great capabilities for creating performant, resilient, secure and excellent architectures. Axelsson Cloud Consulting was founded to provide expert services in digitalization using cloud native services and solutions, helping clients leveraging the advantages of cloud native computing to create additional value and giving their business a competitive edge.

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