Cloud Software Engineer

Axelsson Cloud Consulting is a consultancy company creating value and giving clients a competitive advantage through digital transformation and data-driven digital services utilizing the latest PaaS and SaaS services in Microsoft Azure cloud, and we are now looking an Azure Software Engineer.

You will be working with implementing cloud native data- and event driven architectures, application and enterprise integration development and maintenance, app modernization, lift-and-shift, IAM, containerization, Kubernetes, Azure DevOps, technical support, AI/ML development, IIoT and Edge computing.

You will be working in a team with other senior software engineers, highly skilled IT professionals, cloud solution architects and technical leaders in their respective field.

Desired skills and proficiencies:

  • Strong general Azure knowledge and expertise.
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as software engineer, developing solutions and applications using .NET Core / C# as main programming language.
  • Experience in developing scalable, performant and resilient applications and APIs using i.e. API Management, serverless Functions or Logic Apps or similar.
  • Experience of developing microservice architecture and APIs using best practice patterns such as DDD.
  • You are used to writing testable code and writing unit tests using i.e. xUnit and Moq and are aware of concepts like TDD and BDD.
  • Good skills in end-to-end troubleshooting using Application Insights and e.g., Log Analytics or similar.
  • Strong written and verbal English communications skills.
  • Able to work independently with little supervision.

Advantageous skills and proficiencies:

  • You are aware of, and have preferably utilized, Azure PaaS and SaaS resources such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure API Management, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure Redis Cache in previous projects.
  • Know-how in how to containerize applications and services and deploy to Kubernetes using YAML
  • Experience with Azure DevOps development workflow and infrastructure as code (IAC) approach using ARM templates and YAML.
  • Experience of integrate identity management and modern authentication and authorization using i.e., B2C Azure Active Directory.
  • Experience of .NET 5 and / or .NET 6.
  • Experience of languages like Python, R, Matlab etc.
  • Microsoft certifications are advantageous. Relevant AWS certifications, CKA, IBM or other cloud-agnostic certificates or badges are a plus as well.

Great importance will be placed on personal suitability. You will likely be:

  • Interested in the latest modern development stack, processes and cloud trends and enjoy working with modern technology to fulfil the business needs.
  • Adhering to best practices, documentation, and white papers without taking short cuts.
  • Perseverant and not straying away from a challenge.
  • Professional with in-depth knowledge in your line of expertise, quickly establishing credibility in how to address the technical problems and business needs.
  • Always aiming qualitative code, aiming for a code coverage of 100%.
  • Preferably good at mathematics and with good analytical skills and mindset.
  • An excellent collaborator and good communicator who can help others with their problems, be it client or fellow developers alike.
  • Enjoying contributing to the open-source community.

You will be expected to work during certain hours of the day, but other than that you will be able to shape your workday as you see fit. Full remote working is possible and will be the norm for this position.

Official employment will be offered. Competitive terms, conditions, and salary, together with an extensive suite of benefits, including private health insurance, paid vacation days and sick leaves and more will be offered to the right candidate.

If you are interested, apply now here, or contact Kristoffer Axelsson at +46 (0) 73 092 58 19 to learn more.