IIoT project highlighted

Great to see one of the premier news sites on everything #internetofthings related, enterpriseiotinsights.com, covering how we are leveraging industrial IoT and advanced digital technologies as an enabler for digital change and new value adding services at scale in recent workloads.

In the article I, and my colleague Tove Pettersson at Thomas Concrete Group AB, go into detail from both a technological and business perspective on how we tackled two distinctively different use cases using #CrateDB, a non-relational and open source time-series database designed for industrial IoT use cases and machine data, and #kubernetes, at the core of a #cloudnative scalable, resilient and performant data-driven architecture in #microsoft#azurecloud. I think one of the key takeaways for fellow industrial organizations when commencing IIoT projects is the importance of thorough investigation and in-depth understanding of the technical capabilities that a workload calls for and how they intersect with the business requirements early on, as the wrong choice can be fatal to the success of an #iot project.

For full article and insights on these IIoT use cases, check out the link below:

How Thomas Concrete mixed industrial IoT to set foundation for digital change (enterpriseiotinsights.com)

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