.NET 6 Preview 1 launched and will be the first LTS version of the unified .NET platform

.NET 6 is the upcoming new major version of .NET, the fruition of the effort to unify APIs and runtimes into one fully uniform platform. .NET 6 will include the final parts of the .NET unification vision originally set in 2019.

The .NET 6 preview 1 released on February 17th includes some interesting new features, e.g. improved ARM64 and Windows ACL support and the ability to build native desktop applications for #windows10 (and MacOS) using #blazor

Below are some quick steps on getting started developing a #docker#containerized .NET 6 app and deploy with CI/CD pipelines to a #kubernetescluster
1. Ensure your #visualstudio 2019 version is at version 16.4 Preview 4 and that preview .NET SDKs is enabled in your VS settings
2. Update your #dockerfile base images for NET 6. (Don’t forget that #dockerfiles are case-sensitive)
3. Add a UseDotNet@2 task in your build YAML, as the .NET 6 SDK is not yet available on the #windows-2019 / #ubuntu 20.04 images

#dotnet6 is off to a flying start and it’s going to be exciting to see what more features are added up until the full LTS release in November 2021.

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