12 October 2021

The “Data Governance Act” will enable data-driven digital innovation by making more data available to businesses

Europe has been leading the way in recent years in data protection, data rights and data governance regulation. The General Data Protection Rights (“GDPR”) and its far-reaching implications is well known. GDPR is not a one-off though, the #europeancommission has continued to press onward with initiatives like the creation of “Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud”. Proposals like “The #open #data Directive” and “The #data Governance Act”, that was recently adopted and thus set to become national law in all #europeanunion member states soon, aims to enable #datadriven #digitalinnovation by making more data available to businesses, stimulate increased usage of APIs and facilitate cross-sector data use and sharing across sectors like #environment, health, manufacturing and energy while ensuring that companies and individuals creating the data remain in control.

The importance of managing and securing data is increasing, but many companies still have some way to go in data governance adoption. #microsoft #azure #purview is a new unified #datagovernance solution designed to help businesses and organizations managing their SaaS, on-premises and hybrid- and multicloud data. Based on the #apache Atlas API ecosystem, #purview indexes and classifies data using built-in and custom classifiers and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) sensitivity labels into Data Maps. I especially like the Data Catalog though, with its search engine-esque look, making it very easy to filter data using business glossary terms, classifications, #sensitivity labels etc., and get a visualized overview where the found data resides, how it got there and what data has been derived from it.

#purview pricing is based on Capacity Unit and vCore hours, so anyone used at optimizing performance and cost in e.g., #azuredatafactory will feel at home. As with some of the best services out there, #purview started its life as a tool for #microsoft to enhance its own data governance, and now it’s finally GA. I can recommend any DPO, data engineer, data analyst or fellow architect alike to have a look. More info below:

Azure Purview – Unified Data Governance Solution | Microsoft Azure

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