1 December 2022

We welcome Muhammad Younas to our team in Berlin

Axelsson Cloud Consulting Europe is pleased to announce it has hired its first direct cloud consultant employee, Muhammad Younas, in Berlin.

“I am very excited to welcome Muhammad Younas to our team here in Berlin. With his long experience of successfully completed projects having leveraged cloud services such as Power Platform, Azure Integration Services, Dynamics & Microsoft 365, and through his expertise in requirement engineering, gathering, refinement, business process understanding, as well as his great soft skills, I believe Muhammad is the type of cloud expert who can help accelerate digitalization processes and the efficiencies gained from them.”

– Kristoffer Axelsson, CEO and founder of Axelsson Cloud Consulting

CEO and founder Kristoffer Axelsson said the ability of his employees is the main selling point of his company and the recent addition of a cloud consultant from outside the European Union, as Muhammad relocated to Berlin from Pakistan, may inspire other talented individuals from around the world to join the company.

Axelsson Cloud Consulting’s data-driven digital services can help businesses and organizations tap into the value of the data economy. Managed cloud storage services enable greater efficiency and scalability of operations as data generation grows.

Digitalization is driving a vast amount of data to be ingested in digital systems across the globe at an accelerating pace, and the portion of data residing in enterprises is set to grow even more rapidly over the next couple of years.

Axelsson Cloud Consulting was founded to provide expert services in digitalization using cloud-native services and solutions, helping clients leverage the advantages of cloud-native computing to create additional value and give their businesses a competitive edge.

“Data will drive the future value. And we are quite passionate about it,” Axelsson said.

For more information about Axelsson Cloud Consulting and to read case studies, visit axelssoncloudconsulting.com.

About Axelsson Cloud Consulting

Humans, devices and machines generate a quintillion bytes of data every day. The volume of data and the velocity of its accumulation will only increase in the future. We believe that the future is data-driven. Data has immense potential for enabling digital innovation, new business models and long-term sustainability. With our expertise in increasing efficiency and maximizing data-value creation, we want to help your business create a sustainable and data-driven future together.

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