Azure Well-Architected Framework is a great approach for achieving excellent architectures

#microsoftazure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets aimed for achieving secure, resilient, and excellent architectures consisting of five pillars, namely #costoptimization#operational#excellence#performance#efficiency#reliability and #security.

If using an #azurecloud, an assessment can be run on how well your architecture and environment adheres to these pillars. These kinds of automated assessments should always be taken with a grain of salt but should be a good starting point.

These pillars like these are also a great starting point for asking yourself relevant questions, e.g., how do we reach operational excellency? Can the service autoscale? Are there DR tests and do they pass? What are our RPOs and RTOs? Can the solution run in a degraded state if a component fails? Are there any single points of failure? What is the definition of failure or outage? Having answers to questions like these will go a long way in fulfilling the above pillars or starting the thought process on how to reach them.

The pillars, principals, patterns etc. mentioned are largely universal in nature, and should be a great read for anyone striving for accomplishing excellent solutions and architectures.

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